Consumer medicine information


Consumer Medicine Information

What is in this leaflet?

Please read this leaflet carefully before using your Heliox28. It is a summary of the important information you need to know about using Heliox28. If you have any questions or are not sure about anything, ask your health professional looking after you.

This medicine has been prescribed for you and you should not allow anyone else to use it. It may harm them even if their symptoms are the same as yours.

What is Heliox28

Heliox28 is a compressed medicinal gas mixture of 28% Oxygen and 72% Helium filled into cylinders under high pressure and manufactured by BOC Limited.

The registration for Heliox28 is held by BOC Limited, 10 Julius Ave, North Ryde. The registration number for this product is AUST R 90662.

Heliox28 is supplied in two cylinder sizes containing 510 litres (CD size) and 3500 litres (ED size).

What is Heliox28 Used For?

Heliox28 is a very light gas mixture and will flow through lungs with obstructions much more easily than other medical gases. It is used to provide a breathing gas mixture for patients suffering from respiratory or airway obstruction such as bronchitis or asthma to get oxygen into the blood stream.

Heliox28 is used to supply adequate Oxygen to the lungs to assist a patient to breath if part of their lung fails to expand.

Before Using Heliox28

Heliox28 should not be used where its physical properties might aggravate the patient’s conditions, such as:

  • artificial, traumatic or spontaneous pneumothorax
  • sub-cutaneous emphysema

Tell your doctor if you are pregnant as use of Helox28 during pregnancy is not recommended unless clearly necessary.

Heliox28 has not been found to have an effect on ability to drive or use of machinery.

Under no conditions should you smoke when using Heliox28 or use the cylinders near naked flames such as open fires.

Using Heliox28

Heliox28 is administered through a non-rebreathing mask which is connected through tubing directly to the compressed gas cylinder or via a ventilator.

All Heliox28 cylinders have a built in regulator that will allow connecting delivery equipment either through the probe fitting for use with a demand valve or the tubing connector on the flowmeter. Ask your doctor or health advisor to demonstrate to you how to use your Heliox28 cylinder and associated equipment correctly. If you do not understand, ask your doctor or health advisor to explain again. Always use it exactly as prescribed by your doctor.

Check the contents gauge on the valve before you use your cylinder to make sure there is enough gas in the cylinder. Only open the valve when you need gas – make sure that you turn the valve off when you have finished using the cylinder.

If you are using a demand valve, the gas will begin to flow as soon as the cylinder valve is turned on. You will start to breathe in using the facemask. The gas will stop flowing when you begin breathing out.

If you are using a special non-rebreathing facemask, the gas will begin to flow as soon as the cylinder valve is turned and the correct flow is selected by your doctor.

Keep your Heliox28 cylinder and equipment away from children at all times.

Your health advisor will have made sure that your Heliox28 cylinder has been stored correctly before use and that the gas is suitable for your use.

What Side Effects May Occur With Heliox28

Heliox28 will make you have a high pitched voice. This effect will discontinue once you have stopped breathing the gas and taken a few breaths of Air.

You may also experience dryness in your mouth and nose.

If you experience any side effects not mentioned in this leaflet, during or after administration of Heliox28, contact your health advisor or doctor immediately.

Special Warnings

You MUST NOT smoke or have a naked flame near a Heliox28 cylinder or hospital pipeline outlet or in confined spaces where Heliox28 is used or stored.

Your cylinder and regulator must be kept clean and under no circumstances any oils or grease used as this may cause a spontaneous ignition.

After using Heliox28


Medical gas cylinders should be stored upright in an under cover well ventilated storage area. Storeroom should be kept dry, clean and be positioned away from heavy traffic and emergency exits. Entry to the cylinder storeroom should be clearly signposted with warning signs prohibiting smoking and naked flame.

Cylinders should be stored away from combustible or highly flammable materials and any sources of heat or ignition. Cylinders should also be protected from the cold as some gas mixtures may separate at low temperature.

Only authorised persons should be allowed to enter the cylinders storeroom

Further Information

This leaflet does not tell you everything about using your Heliox28.

If you have any questions or are not sure about anything, ask your doctor, nurse or pharmacist.

Name and Address of the Sponsor

BOC Limited
Riverside Corporate Park
10 Julius Ave.
North Ryde NSW 2113

ABN: 95 000 029 729

TGA Approval date: 11 August 2003

AUST R 90662

Published by MIMS September 2019