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"Flo Granules" for Post operative Nasal and Sinus Care

Calcium lactate pentahydrate; glucose; potassium chloride; sodium bicarbonate; sodium chloride

Consumer Medicine Information

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What are “Flo Granules”?

“FloGranules” consist of granules of Sodium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate, Potassium Chloride, Calcium lactate and Dextrose. These may be called ‘salts’. The concentration of these ‘salts’ when dissolved in 200mL of lukewarm pre-boiled water is such that it very closely resembles the content of a body fluid which normally bathes the outside of the cells of the body. This fluid is called “Extra cellular fluid”

Why use “Flo Granules” for postoperative nasal and sinus care?

Your doctor would want you to use the reconstituted “FLO Granules” to rinse out your sinuses and nasal cavity after your operation. This will help to achieve the best possible results from the surgery.

How do I use “Flo Granules”?

“Flo Granules” must only be used together with the bottle, tube and cap enclosed in this kit and in the way in which it is directed.

Firstly, fill the soft squeeze bottle up to the 200mL mark with lukewarm pre-boiled water. The fill mark is clearly marked by the line on the bottle. You may store boiled water in a clean container for up to 2 days. The water may be warmed in the microwave before use. If you choose to do this it is strongly recommended that you use only 5 second bursts to ensure that the water does not become too hot.

Next, tear open a sachet of “Flo Granules” and empty the entire contents into the bottle filled with water. Screw the specially designed cap and dip tube onto the bottle.

Shake the bottle until such time that all the granules have dissolved.

Your mixture is now ready for use.

Standing next to a basin, bend as far forward as is comfortable and tilt your head down.

Keeping your mouth open, apply the cap firmly up against one nasal passage and squeeze the bottle steadily and gently until solution drains from the opposite nasal passage or from the mouth. Do not swallow the solution.

This should be done about 2-3 times until about half of the solution has been inserted into the one nasal passage. There is a 100mL mark on the bottle which represents half of the volume of fluid made up. This will assist you in estimating when half of the solution has been used.

Once half of the solution has been used, stop and then gently blow the nose.

Repeat the procedure on the other side.

If there is any solution remaining after both nasal passages have been treated, discard it. Fresh solution must be made for each treatment.

How often do I need to use “Flo Granules”?

Treatments should be used as often as directed by your surgeon and for the length of time he or she would like you to use it to ensure best results from your surgery. This may mean up to 5 or 6 times a day immediately after surgery decreasing in frequency over time as the surgeon directs.

There are no adverse effects from using “Flo Granules” as often as directed.

What side effects can I expect?

There should be no stinging or burning from use of this product.

You may however experience earache whilst using the product. If this occurs, please stop using this product and immediately call your surgeon to discuss the further treatment options.

If you should swallow any of the mixture during treatment there will be no harmful effects.

Can I use “FLO Granules” while pregnant or if I am breast feeding?

“FLO Granules” may be used during pregnancy and whilst breast feeding.

Do I have to take care with interactions with other medication?

“FLO Granules” may be used whilst taking any other medication.

There should be no interactions

How often do I need to clean the bottle, cap and tubing?

If you air dry the bottle, tubing and cap on a clean paper towel after each use, then cleaning requirements should not be necessary.

If for some reason the bottle, tubing or cap do become dirty or contaminated, then they may be cleaned using a bottle brush and white distilled vinegar or 70% isopropyl alcohol which you may obtain from your local pharmacy.

Once cleaned, ensure that you adequately rinse all the components with lots of previously boiled water. Do not use the bottle, tubing or cap until they have been thoroughly rinsed.

Do not try to sterilise the bottle tubing or cap. The plastic will melt.

How is “Flo Granules” packaged and how long does it last?

“Flo Granules” is only sold in sachets(200) together with the soft squeeze plastic bottle and dip tube in packs marked AUST…..

Do not use it after the expiry date marked on the sachet or outer carton

Do not use the product if the shrink wrapping seals have been damaged in any way.

Published by MIMS August 2006