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Flo™ Baby Nasal Spray

Consumer Medicine Information

Babies will try to breathe through their nose even when it is blocked with mucus from a cold, allergy or other causes. This can unsettle the child and make feeding particularly difficult.

A baby with a blocked nose will tire very quickly while feeding. Baby will therefore want more frequent feeds and this may also tire the parents.

Babies with a blocked nose may also not be able to sleep restfully which may further unsettle them.

What you should know about your baby’s nose

The nasal passages in a baby’s nose are very small and easily blocked with excess mucus. Mucus is naturally produced in the nose and its role is to trap foreign particles such as dust, pollens and bacteria to help prevent them from entering the lungs. Mucus is also needed to protect the delicate nasal linings from drying out. The nose has a mucus transport system (this is made up of microscopic hairs called cilia) and it moves mucus from the front of the nose to the back of the throat from where it is then swallowed.

It is only when mucus is produced in excessive amounts that it becomes a problem. Most commonly, excess mucus is produced by the nasal lining in response to viral infections (colds) and allergy. Clearing your baby’s nose of excess mucus helps baby breathe more easily resulting in better feeding and sleeping.

What is FLO Baby Saline?

FLO Baby Saline is a sterile, preservative free, non-medicated, isotonic nasal saline spray. NOTE: For your convenience FLO Baby is also available in a metered drops pack. FLO Baby is a sterile and does not contain any chemical preservatives. The design of this device means no outside air or bacteria can contaminate the system.

FLO Baby Saline is isotonic which means it has the same concentration as the body’s own fluids. This helps to minimize any impact on the normal function of delicate nasal structures.

How does FLO Baby Saline help?

The gentle drops help to thin mucus and stimulate the natural cleansing action of the nose to clear it away. Sometimes your baby may sneeze – this is a natural cleansing action.

Dosage: Apply dose into each nostril as often as needed or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Newborn to 12 months – 1 spray

Over 12 months – 1 to 2 sprays

How do I use FLO Baby Saline?

FLO Baby Saline is presented in an advanced container and can be sprayed at any angle (even upside down). This enables you to place your baby in the most comfortable position making the administration of FLO Baby Saline quick and easy.

  1. Before using this product remove the protective cap and prime the pump by depressing your thumb several times until the first spray is seen. WARNING: Keep this product out of the reach of children.

The protective cap can become a choking hazard if children are able to play with it.

  1. Ensure your baby is comfortable and well supported

  1. Position FLO Baby Saline underneath the baby’s nostril and spray the required dose into each nostril. Caution: do not insert the tip of the spray into baby’s nose as sudden movement may cause injury.

  1. Wipe away any mucus from your baby’s nose using a clean tissue.
  2. When finished, clean the tip of the spray with a clean tissue and replace the protective cap. Ensure you store this medication out of the reach of children.

When does FLO Baby Saline expire?

FLO Baby Saline has an expiry date which can be found on the carton and bottle label. However, it must be discarded three months from the date of first use. For your convenience, space has been provided on the bottle label so you can record the discard date.

Can FLO Baby Saline be used if my baby is taking other medication?

FLO Baby Saline is non-medicated and can be used in conjunction with any other medication. If your baby is using other nasal medication, then you should allow 20 minutes between the administration of FLO Baby Saline and the other medication.

How often can I use FLO Baby Saline?

FLO Baby Saline can be used as often as needed. If baby’s nose is blocked or congested, then use it 5-10 minutes before feeding. Use at any time of the day or night if nasal congestion is causing baby to be unsettled.

Use this product only as directed and see your healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist.

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