Consumer medicine information

Aci-Jel® Balance Therapeutic Vaginal Jelly For restoration and maintenance of vaginal acidity

Consumer Medicine Information

The Vaginal Applicator is used to apply a measured amount of vaginal jelly.

  1. Ensure that before first use the safety seal is completely punctured. To open, unscrew cap and use the point in the cap to puncture seal.

  1. Screw the applicator to the tube.

  1. Squeeze the tube gently until the applicator plunger is fully extended. Then unscrew the applicator from the tube.

  1. Hold the filled applicator by the cylinder and gently insert it into the vagina as far as comfortably possible.

  1. Press the plunger to apply the jelly. Remove the applicator with the plunger still depressed.
  2. After each use, wash the applicator thoroughly.

It may be taken apart for easy cleaning by holding the barrel in one hand and pulling the plunger firmly out of the barrel.
Wash the parts with mild soap and warm water. Rinse thoroughly. To reassemble, push plunger back into barrel.

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Published by MIMS April 2019