Video: What concerns young Australians most?

by | Kids and Teens Health

Mission Australia ran a survey of 30,000 young Australians. They asked: “What are three issues that you consider most important in Australia today?”

Relationships with family and friends were considered extremely important by nearly 50% of respondents.

Just over 10% reported general health as a concern.

But nearly 50% listed stress and mental health as their biggest concern – double that of 2016 figures.

Nearly one-third listed alcohol and drugs as a major issue. And just over 20% said they were worried about equity and discrimination.

Bullying was reported as a concern of nearly 20% of respondents.

1 in 5 Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders felt sad with life, compared to less than 10% of non-Indigenous young Australians.

Young women had greater concerns coping with stress, study and body image issues than young males.

The most concerning findings were mental health issues among young Australians. Although public campaigns have reduced stigma of mental health, more accessible and affordable support is clearly needed.

If you or a loved one has a mental health concern talk to your GP or search this website for more information.