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Video transcript

It’s predicted Australia may have 300 infections of measles in 2019, the second highest since 1997.

Australia eliminated endemic measles in 2014 due to vaccinations and herd immunity. So why the increase in measles infection now?

  • Global anti-vaccination sentiment.
  • Infected people arriving from overseas.
  • Pockets of low immunisation.

There have been measles outbreaks in New Zealand, Japan, USA, with 200 deaths in the Philippines.

Vaccination is the most effective method to prevent measles.

Young children who are unvaccinated are the most vulnerable.

The measles vaccine requires two doses for maximal effect – one at 12 months and the second at 18 months.

People who haven’t had the second dose are at risk of measles

Health officials warn that if you were born during or since 1966 this could be you, as the coverage of the vaccination program wasn’t as comprehensive as it is today.

If you’re not sure if you’ve had two doses, the advice is to get a booster vaccination.

See your GP today to discuss yours or your family’s measles vaccination; and if you’re travelling be extra vigilant.

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