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HomeMade – Be independent. Choose your support.

We’re transforming home care in Australia. Our approach means we support you to achieve your goals while living at home.

Self-management with HomeMade

Self-management is having an active role in your support so you can keep doing what matters most to you. Self-managing your Home Care Package gives you control of decisions about your support.

Why choose self-management with HomeMade?

  • Remain living at home
  • Take control of your budget
  • Decide what services you need
  • Choose who comes into your home to support you and when
  • Access what you need from your package when you need it
  • Optimise funds with lower fees
  • Access the Home-Made Platform
  • Feel safe, supported and reassured in the quality of your services
  • Improve overall wellbeing by doing the things you want to do

The HomeMade Platform

We’ve used technology to provide you with a way to safely, easily and cost-effectively self-manage your Home Care Package and access the care and support services you want to live life on your own terms.

Using the HomeMade Platform, you can:

  • Make informed decisions
  • Build a support team
  • Maximise your Home Care Package
  • Track your budget in real time
  • See what your funding actually funds

How it works

We work with you to design your support and services so your Home Care Package is effectively used with low admin fees. Keep your freedom and control but get support and help when you want it.


Use your Home Care Package funding for the services you want or need. We’ll make sure they meet government guidelines and are part of your support plan.

Need more information? Get in touch.

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Visit: homemadesupport.com.au

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