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Carer Solutions: Still looking for the right Disability Support Workers?

Australia’s only service for directly employing Disability Support Workers.

Know someone who would make a great Disability Support Worker?

Whether it’s a friend, neighbour, teacher’s aide or someone you’ve met in your community, our unique service enables you to directly employ them. The possibilities are endless.

If you don’t know anyone yet, have a chat with our team who can help recommend ways to find people.

How it works:

  1. You find people suitable for your support needs
  2. and determine their pay rates
  3. We take care of all the admin, such as police checks, and onboard them as your employees
  4. You simply approve and submit your Support Worker’s timesheets and we take care of the rest!
  5. We facilitate all your employer financial obligations, including super and tax, insurances and compliance
  6. We keep you up to date with any NDIS changes and key employer information

We also offer personalised Plan Management.

We understand that an NDIS plan can be daunting for anyone. That’s why we take the time to get to know you before we ask for your NDIS number.

We also take the time needed to develop a relationship with the providers you choose, registered and unregistered.

Our personalised service means:

  • We pay your invoices in a way that works for you and your providers
  • You can track your spending with weekly statements of funds and monthly statements of spend
  • We keep you up-to-date with the NDIS price guide lingo
  • We’re always only a phone call away

We were born from a genuine desire to create real choice.

For over 10 years we‘ve been supporting people to navigate their NDIS experience and partner with them to deliver Direct Employ and Plan Management services.

Like to know more?

Our friendly team are only a phone call away 9am–5pm AEST, Monday–Friday. If you need
a relay service or an interpreter, we can organise one for you.

Call us on: 1300 729 839
Email us on: care@carersolutions.com.au
Visit our website: CarerSolutions.com.au

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