Brightwater: We can help you be you in your home too

We see what others don’t

A bit about Brightwater

Not-for-profit since 1901

For over 100 years, we’ve been there for West Australians from all walks of life. With humble beginnings in Subiaco, today we’re found all across Perth.

Care that comes full circle

Our senior services include home care, retirement living and residential care. We also help young people with brain injuries and complex disabilities.

A holistic approach to health

Our complete care team includes nurses, physiotherapists, and more, offering all the therapy you’d expect plus some you might not.

Lasting and loyal staff

We support our people so they can support you. Our team enjoy some of the best benefits in the industry, with training and scholarships that nurture their learning.

95% customer satisfaction

As a not-for-profit provider, we put you first. Our clients are what it’s all about, so we’re always keen to hear your comments, concerns or compliments.

A responsibility for research

We’re dedicated to delivering better outcomes. The Brightwater Research Centre is focused on finding innovative ideas that improve wellbeing.

Irene loves opera. She also loves her dogs. She especially loves putting on performances for her dogs. However, she couldn’t do that if she didn’t live alone. That’s why she loves having home care help from Brightwater.

Our close knit team of professionals visit homes all over Perth, and helps you keep your independence.

Maybe your mopping skills aren’t what they used to be. Maybe it’s your mobility. Or maybe you just want to go out and do something fun. Whatever your goals, we’ll put a plan in action so you can be you in our own home too.

Services that suit you

House & Garden
Keep the inside and outside spick-and span. Sweeping, weeding, dusting, pruning – you name it.

Carer’s Break
We step in when carers need time off. You’ll be in good hands, so there’s no need to worry.

Personal Care
Looking your best will never go out of style. We’ll be on stand-by for whatever you need.

Shopping & Errands
Tick off your to-do list a whole lot quicker. Together, we’ll grab the groceries or drop by the drycleaner.

Creative Sessions
Escape the ordinary. We’ll inspire you to express yourself with art or music.

Health Professionals
Our mobile health team covers physio, occupational therapy, speech, social work, nursing and more.

Specialist Services
We assist with complex needs, including dementia, continence, wound care and rehabilitation.

Pet Support
We ♡ your furry friends too! We’ll help you walk them, wash them or get them to the vet.

Meal Preparation
Make everyone’s favourites with your own sous-chef. We can chop, roast, toast, sauté and more.

Safety & Mobility
Improve your strength and poise. We can help you get the most out of aids, equipment or technology.

Get out and about more. We could be your personal chauffeur or simply sort out taxi vouchers.

Fun & Fulfilment
Reconnect with your community. We’ll help you stay social or get involved again.

Home Modifications
A few adjustments here and there can make a world of difference. If that’s what you need, let’s chat.

Medication Management
Stay on top of your daily dose. We’ll set reminders and help with eyedrops or creams.

After-Hospital Care
Get clinical care from where you’d rather be. We provide the support you need to get back on your feet.

How to get home care

Care at home doesn’t have to be daunting. Here’s a quick and easy guide to help you get going.

Discover your best you

An extra hand really goes a long way. Our complete health and wellbeing team can offer all the support you need to keep being you. A you that’s less stressed and more secure. Less confined and more confident. Less overwhelmed and more optimistic.

With Brightwater by your side, you can be the best version of you, right where you want to be. So get in touch – we’re only a phone call away.

Phone: 1300 223 968

Brightwater Care Group
2A Walter Road West Inglewood WA 6052
ABN 23 445 460 050 ACN 612 921 632

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