Will the Covid-19 Vaccine Protect me for Life? Dr. Norman Swan

by | Coronavirus - COVID-19, Coronavirus - Vaccinations, Immunity

Fighting off new variants of Coronavirus may be the reason why most people may need a booster shot after getting their vaccination doses.

Nobody knows how long the immunity to the COVID-19 vaccines will last. Some of them may last quite a long time.

The problem is, which of the Covid-19 vaccines you had first and whether you need a booster to it. Some people with the Astra vaccine will need a booster to the Pfizer, just to keep them going for the next year. Maybe even Pfizer, people who have had two dose of Pfizer, will need a booster as well. We just don’t know the answer to how long the Covid-19 vaccine will protect people.

The main reason for the boosters are probably going to be the variants of Covid-19. When new versions of the virus come out, that might be a bit vaccine resistant, or work around the antibodies, and you just need more of a boost.

Dr Norman Swan, Physician and Journalist

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