Why Christmas could become a super spreading event for COVID-19

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People are looking forward to Christmas. People are looking forward to as normal Christmas as they can get. And that’s a main aim of all state and federal governments.

How could COVID-19 spread more at Christmas?

The reason that Christmas could be a super spreading event is that people get together in their houses. They get together in large numbers, they move from friend’s house to friend’s house, or from family occasions, they hug. They have a good time. They laugh. There’s a lot of shouting going on. Hopefully the shouting’s not arguments. It’s shouting in joy. And that creates aerosols where if you’ve got COVID-19 it can spread. So Christmas is if you like by its nature, a super spreading event. As you’ve got social networks gathering and then spreading out from there.

New Year’s Eve and COVID-19

And the other worry about Christmas is that if you catch COVID-19 at Christmas, at a Christmas event, there’s a 5-day incubation period. And what’s 5 days after Christmas? New Year’s Eve. So that’s why people are worried about Christmas.

Presented by Dr Norman Swan, Physician and Journalist