When Will The Vaccines Roll Out? Dr Norman Swan

by | Coronavirus - COVID-19, Travel Health

Should I get the flu vaccine?

The government has said that the vaccine will start to roll out in March of 2021.

This sounds like, well why are we waiting when every body else is getting going? And the answer here is, we’re not desperate. We’ve got almost no virus in Australia, just viruses been brought in through hotel quarantine. Therefore, we are not desperate, and we can wait.

And by waiting, we can watch and see how they administer the vaccine, whether they get any problems, like allergies or reactions, and things like that. And also the supply chain, working out how you get to transport the Pfizer vaccine at minus 70 degrees. And we will learn from their mistakes, or their lessons.

We might find that one of the vaccines has a problem, which wasn’t anticipated, and we can move on to another vaccine. So I think its sensible, that it’s going to take that time, and it’s not going to change anything in terms of international borders, waiting till March.

It’s gonna be a long time before international borders can be opened up more fully, other than say, a bubble to New Zealand.

Dr Norman Swan, Physician and Journalist