What would happen if I was told to self-isolate?

by | Coronavirus - COVID-19


There’s confusion of terms here between self-isolation and quarantine. If you’ve come into contact with someone with COVID-19 you’re not sure whether you’ve got it and you’ve been told to isolate yourself, then that’s really about staying at home, not going out, washing your hands just being careful, you know if there are kids around and so on.

But if you’ve got it, or you are high risk, then it’s about quarantine and that’s about not coming in contact with anybody in the house at all. So you stay in a room, your meals are brought to you, you are washing your hands all the time. You just don’t go out, you don’t make contact and you are wearing a mask all the time. And really I can’t give you advice here about what you should do, it’s your doctor or the authorities that need to give you advice about whether you are just isolating yourself and not going out or whether you are actually quarantining yourself which means you don’t even come into contact with your family at home