What should I buy in the event of a shutdown?

by | Coronavirus - COVID-19


I don’t get hoarding. There’s only so much toilet paper that you can wrap yourself in, and it’s not gonna protect you against the virus.

There’s only so much pasta you can eat and rice you can eat. Panic buying creates the crisis. And hopefully by now, everybody’s larder is full of what they need, and their cupboard is overflowing with toilet paper, and you don’t need to actually go out and go mad in the supermarket. Lockdown will not mean you don’t go to the supermarket.

So when you look at Italy, for example, where they’ve locked down, people go to the supermarket to do their shopping, and then go home. So you’re allowed to go out and do your shopping. You don’t have to hoard.

The supermarkets will still be open. Even if it gets bad in Australia with COVID-19, supermarkets will still be open. We’re not gonna do what China does, which is weld you into your apartment. There’s going to be relatively free flow when you need things, the pharmacy, supermarket, and so on. And you can just relax about that part of your life. So you’re in isolation most of the time, but you go out for essential things.