What effect will coronavirus have on my baby if I am infected in pregnancy?

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corona virus and pregnancy


At the time I’m recording this video it’s still early days in the COVID-19 pandemic. And when it’s early days women haven’t gone through the whole of pregnancy so what we know at the moment, and I’m recording this in mid-March, is that we really only know for women who are in the third trimester or maybe in the late second trimester who’ve delivered their babies. So the information is really scant on this but so far so good.

Maybe there’s a little bit of evidence of early delivery, maybe premature delivery, maybe a little more fetal distress but nobody getting into too much strife. From other coronavirus research it doesn’t seem that the mother passes the virus to the baby, but we’re just going to have to watch this really closely as the months progress and more and more women who were exposed to it early in pregnancy and see how their babies go.