What Are the Known Side Effects of This Vaccine?

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After tens of thousands of clinical trials there are no serious side affects noted from the Covid -19 vaccination. The worst would be a sore arm, and a little bit of fever as the vaccine takes affects. For those in danger of anaphylactic reaction, everyone is observed by medical practitioners for 15 minutes after receiving the injection.

These vaccines have gone through clinical trials involving tens of thousands of people in multiple countries, and very few short-term effects have been found.

So you tend to get a sore arm, maybe a little bit of a fever, and a little bit of feeling of unwellness in the first day or so. That’s because your immune system is reacting; it’s actually quite a good thing. There is a very small risk of an anaphylactic reaction, particularly with the Pfizer vaccine, and that’s only about nine immunisations per 1 million doses, so that’s a really tiny risk, but it is why people are kept for 15 minutes and watched afterward.

Those are the main side effects. At the time that I’m talking to you, tens of millions of people have been immunised with both the Astra vaccine and the Pfizer vaccine, and no more side effects have emerged. There’ve been incidents that have occurred with the Pfizer vaccine, of low platelets, but it’s not convincing that it’s associated with the vaccine itself.

So, very few problems are arising in the short to medium term.

Dr Norman Swan, Physician and Journalist