Should I cancel my dental appointment?

by | Coronavirus - COVID-19


Whether you cancel your dental appointment is really up to you and your dentist. And the question is, is it routine, have you got a problem? And I think if you’ve got a dental problem, particularly if you’ve got an infection in your mouth or a dental abscess or that sort of thing, I think it’s prudent to actually keep your dental care up-to-date so that your mouth is as healthy as possible. Your mouth is part of the rest of your body. Your mouth and your nose is where the virus goes in. So you actually need to keep your mouth healthy in the same as you want to keep the rest of your body health. So you need to discuss it with your dentist. Sometimes dentists will be cutting down the amount of work that they do, and not seeing you if it’s not absolutely necessary. But I’m not the one to give you that advice. You’ve got to talk to your dentist about it.