Myths Surrounding Covid-19 – Dr. Norman Swan

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Myth’s surrounding Covid-19 only confuse and muddy the waters. Covid-19 is a dangerous virus, it is highly contagious, mask wearing prevents passing it on and vaccine is our only real option for long term protection. All very logical and elementary.

Myths surrounding COVID 19 are many. You have to be careful where you get your information from.

There are some myths surrounding Covid-19 that say that when you get immunised, you’re getting the virus and excreting it. So you shouldn’t come in contact with anybody else, this is simply not true. There is no virus in the vaccines. There is no COVID-19 virus in the vaccines. It’s impossible to be passing it on. Other myth surrounding Covid-19 virus is that is somehow comes from 5G. Well, most of you know that that’s not really realistic thinking in any shape or form. Other myths surrounding Covid-19 include those about our diet and exercise and what you should and shouldn’t do.

But the reality in all these is that it’s just common sense. The fact is, COVID-19 is a virus. You can catch it from others, you can pass it on to others. Mask wearing prevents it. Vaccination is really something that we all have to do. There’s not much more you need to know about it than that.

Dr Norman Swan, Physician and Journalist

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