Looking after yourself over the challenging months ahead

by | Coronavirus - COVID-19

The next few months is going to be very challenging for you and your colleagues as you potentially manage administering the COVID-19 vaccine, flu jabs, immunisations, as well as meeting all the other needs of your patients and their families.

This affects all practices – not just the 4600 practices involved in the vaccine program.

We’ve been living in unprecedented times and everyone will experience increased and continuing pressure, so it is going to be vital to monitor your and practice colleagues’ mental health and wellbeing.

Here are 5 useful tips to consider: 

  • Hold a 10-minute staff meeting a couple of times a week to discuss progress (especially practices administering the COVID-19 vaccine) or to debrief after challenging days
  • Remind staff that they can always come to you and senior practice staff if they need to talk about any issues
  • Ensure you and your colleagues take a few moments to have a break during the day
  • Recharge by participating in a 3-minute meditation exercise.  They’re readily available on apps and online 
  • Choose healthy options when eating and consider taking a prepared lunch to work if you don’t already. There’s growing evidence that a more plant-based diet can improve a sense of wellbeing.

By putting these simple initiatives in place now you are going to set you and your colleagues up for success.