Is any Number of Covid Infections Acceptable? Dr. Norman Swan

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There’s no right number of cases per day. What’s the right number of cases per day? There is no real answer to that question. It’s how many people end up in hospital and intensive care.

There is no right number of cases per day. We need to reduce the number of hospitalisation and ICU admission. We must continue to get vaccinated and protect those under 12, until they too can get vaccination.

By increasing our rate of vaccinated, we decrease the rate of hospitalisation. And that’s really good news. In fact, as I’m talking to you now, the number has halved. And the rate of people going into ICU has gone down by nearly two thirds. So that’s great news, and it’s the result of vaccination. And when we get to about 90% coverage of everybody aged 12 and above, relatively fewer number people will be ending up in hospital.

In the mean time we have got to work out and look after children under the age of 12 . This will very important until they can get vaccinated. To achieve this, we need to ventilate and protect. Therefore, classrooms must bel ventilated and teachers immunised. It also means there’s regular masks wearing and HEPA filters in the classroom.

Dr Norman Swan, Physician and Journalist