If a Hotel Quarantine Staff Member Contracts the Virus, Are they Likely to Spread it to their Housemates?

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hotel quarantine
Although the home is often the highest risk of catching and spreading the virus it can occur anywhere an infected person visits or stays from prolonged periods, including bottle shops and gyms.

The home has always been the highest risk place to catch Covid-19 or the virus, I should say, from somebody else.

Because you’re there for extended periods of time, you’re breathing in the same air. But it’s also in bars, in restaurants, wherever people are laughing, shouting, singing, doing that sort of thing. Those are the areas where people can catch it. Therefore, if somebody working hotel quarantine does develop, does catch the virus, if they haven’t been immunised, they’re much more likely to pass on to somebody at home then somewhere else. But what we saw with the outbreaks in New South Wales over the Christmas period is that it just took somebody to arrive at a bottle shop for the bottle shop to be a super spreading environment.

So it doesn’t have to be at home.

Dr Norman Swan, Physician and Journalist