How do I get tested for coronavirus?

by | Coronavirus - COVID-19


How to get tested is a moving feast and again as I speak to you at the moment GPs are starting to refer to private pathology labs for it. There are testing stations at major hospitals, there are queues around the corner and if you are watching this a few weeks after I record this then it’s going to be much easier.

The fever clinics, again as I’m speaking to you, that have just been announced by the Federal Government, they say they are not going to be there until May – far too late . It’s ridiculous – they’ve actually got to be there now. And there are restrictions as to who gets tested. Have you got COVID-19 or if there’s a good chance you’ve got it, have you been in contact with somebody who’s had it or are you a recent traveller, but to really control this anybody who is worried should really get tested, but that’s not the advice at the moment.

So you have got to take advice from your own doctor or there is a national helpline on 1800 020 080 – they can help you with what the official line is, but really for public health measures everybody should be tested but that is not the rule at the moment.