Do Alternative Cures to Covid-19 Exist? – Dr. Norman Swan

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There are no alternative cures for Covid-19 and it’s variants. People who are un-vaccinated or anti-vax are burdening the healthcare system and endangering the lives of those with heart disease and cancer.
Anti-vax vs Vaccine Hesitant

People who look for alternative cures, fall into two groups. So you’ve got to define them first. You’ve got to define anti-vax here. So some people are anti-vax because they think you’re going to put a microchip in your arm, or it’s all 5g, or there’s a plot by the international pharmaceutical industry.

People who are vaccine hesitant are worried about side effects from the vaccines. You should be much more worried about side effects from the infection itself. The infection is pretty dreadful if you get a serious version of it. If you’re not vaccinated then you are at a high risk of infection. Regardless of your age. It is commoner if you’re older, but people who are younger, plenty people overseas in young age groups died because of COVID-19. So that’s the first thing to say.

No Alternative Cures and Treatment

The second thing to say is there is zero evidence that hydroxychloroquine has any benefit at all or is an alternative. And it’s been well studied. Ivermectin’s been pretty well studied and is not showing any benefit unfortunately. It would be nice if it had, but it’s got side effects too.

There are treatments that have come onto the market such as antiviral treatments and antibody treatments. These treatments can help people if they’re infected, particularly if they’re immune compromised. But you’ve got to take them early on. They’re still not perfect, but they are much better for you than ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine. However, they are still not alternatives to the vaccines.

True impact of Anti-vaxers and Un-Vaccinated

The issue here is this. Un-vaccinated or anti-vaxers, are throwing themselves upon the healthcare system. You are likely to end up in the hospital or the ICU. You will deny other people care who might need it for their heart disease or cancer, even if you have all of these new drugs.

Dr Norman Swan, Physician and Journalist