Could people on long-term anticoagulants be protected from effects of coronavirus?

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anticoagulants and covid-19

The question of whether people who are on long-term anticoagulants, say because their heart valve has been replaced or they have got an abnormal rhythm of the heart called atrial fibrillation, there’s various forms of these anticoagulants. Whether they are protected from COVID-19 virus is moot. They probably are not. But what they may well be protected against is one of the complications of COVID-19, which is a clotting syndrome, where the blood clots abnormally. And, in fact, the treatment for that, many people with COVID-19 go into hospital get put prophylactically on anticoagulants in order to prevent that happening. So, that would give you one advantage in terms of complications, but not in getting the virus in the first place.

Dr Norman Swan, Physician and Journalist