Can I still attend my antenatal appointments if I am in self-isolation?

by | Babies and Pregnancy, Coronavirus - COVID-19


How you deal with your antenatal appoints is going to be something between you and your midwife, or your obstetrician, or your GP who might be doing shared care. Look, it’s really important that they see you, they take your blood pressure, they feel your tummy, and have contact with you, and see how you’re going. And I think it’s going to be difficult to do remote consultations with antenatal care. Some might be possible, but others not, where you really do need to know mother’s blood pressure, need to check that you’ve had your immunisations. That can be done online. So you can do stuff online or through telehealth to a certain extent, but there’s some things that you’re just going to have to be examined by. And then, the system has got to make sure that the waiting room is not crowded, and they’re actually sterilising the chairs and the surfaces. And you just have got to wash your hands before you go in, when you touch things and so on, and be super careful.