Can I get the Flu Shot and Covid-19 Simultaneously?

by | Coronavirus - COVID-19

flu shots
If you can you should get both covid-19 vaccine and the flu vaccine – but two weeks apart from each other.

People are concerned that you might reduce the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine or the flu shot (vaccine) if you have them too close together.

Having said that, there is a vaccine under development by Novavax, which is a vaccine manufacturing company. We’ve yet to get this vaccine in the country. They’re talking about making a combined flu shot and COVID-19 vaccine, but that doesn’t exist at the moment and won’t exist for maybe a couple of years.

So at the moment the rule is, it doesn’t matter which you have first, but if you have the flu vaccine you should wait two weeks before you have the COVID-19. And if you have a COVID-19 vaccine, wait two weeks before you have the flu vaccine. But you must get the flu vaccine.

Dr Norman Swan, Physician and Journalist