Are Victoria’s numbers really going down as much as we think?

by | Coronavirus - COVID-19

Dr Norman Swan, Physician and Journalist

At the time of recording this, Victoria’s numbers are dropping quite considerably. So the running average at the day I record this is round about 80 cases a day. The day before I just… I’m recording this we’re down at 40. So they’re definitely coming down. It wasn’t so long ago when you were getting six, 700 cases a day, and now that’s down to sub 100. So yes, they are coming down. And if you remove, it’s an artificial subtraction, but if you remove healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, age care workers from that equation, it’s even lower. There’s very little community spread in Victoria. And if they could actually target the areas where this is occurring and really get on top of hospitals and age care facilities, which they’re starting to do, then this could come under control quite quickly.