Are there risks in communal quarters?

by | Coronavirus - COVID-19


If you’re living in a share house or an apartment with a lot of other people, then you’ve all got to kind of agree on the behaviours you’re going to take up. So, for example, let’s say there’s four of you sharing an apartment and three of you are doing the right thing, which means you’re not going out much at all, you’re avoiding public places, places where people congregate to protect yourselves.

But one of you is a party animal and they’re going out to bars and restaurants and doing everything else, if indeed they’re still open. That person can actually put the rest of the apartment to risk. So in other words, your risk is related to the people who are having the most risky behaviour. So what you’ve got to do is muscle in and get that person to, if you’re all doing the right thing but one person, they’ve got to conform really. I mean, it’s tough love, but that’s what’s got to happen.