Are kids immune to coronavirus?

by | Colds and Flu, Coronavirus - COVID-19, Immunity


Children are not immune to coronavirus. Kids get a lot of coronaviruses because the common cold is often caused by one of the family of coronaviruses, but obviously a milder form that doesn’t have any serious consequences. People wonder actually the reason why kids aren’t getting sick, well kids are getting infected; they just don’t seem to be getting seriously ill with it, unlike in a similar way that they do with some forms of influenza.

People wonder whether in fact if it’s because kids are going to day care, they are getting a lot of colds, they are being exposed to a lot of coronavirus already, different coronaviruses, but there might be cross immunity, that in fact they might have antibodies which help with this SARS-CoV-2, this COVID-19 virus, but kids are not really an issue, if you’ve got a child who has had cancer or is immunosuppressed then that’s a different issue and you’ve got to take advice from your specialist.