What is laryngeal cancer? Dr Michael Boyer

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What is laryngeal cancer? Dr Michael Boyer

The larynx is another word for the voice box. It’s how we speak. And laryngeal cancer refers to cancers of the voice box.

What are the symptoms of laryngeal cancer?

This is a cancer that often presents with changes in your voice. As you might imagine, if something interferes with the way you speak, you notice that it’s usually hoarseness, a change in your ability to speak loudly.

What is the treatment?

When we see a laryngeal cancer, depending on how advanced it is, how far it has spread within the larynx and outside, it may be possible to treat it as simply as with a laser or with a small operation. If it is more widespread, we may need to do radiotherapy, with some chemotherapy together. Or finally, if it’s very advanced, it may be necessary to do an operation to remove the voice box.

Professor Michael Boyer is Medical Oncologist at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse

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