What is the advice if I am a healthcare worker and pregnant?

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If you’re a healthcare worker and you’re pregnant, you’re going to have to talk to your workplace about the situation. You’re probably more at risk of infection when you’re pregnant. The key is that you’re immunised against influenza. That’s not going to help you against coronavirus, but every pregnant woman must be immunised against influenza regardless of the time of year, regardless of whether the latest vaccine is present because influenza is much worse news for your baby than what we know about this coronavirus. So that’s the first thing, and to make sure everything else is up to date and you’re as fit as you can be. And then you’re probably just going to have to be even more careful when you’re dealing with patients than the average washing your hands, masking, and so on. And talk to the other people on your team about whether you pull back a little bit from patient care. I don’t know what the right answer here is. I suspect other people don’t, either, but the risk to your baby is probably fairly low.