Why is ICE so Problematic?

by | Addictions, Mythbusters

ice meth

ICE is a particularly nasty drug with a bad reputation. People in regional areas a more prone to it being pushed on them.

Ice is a form of methamphetamine. It’s called crystal meth and it comes in clear crystals which is why it gets the name “ice”.

Usually by injection, but it can be smoked as well. And it’s got a very bad reputation. It is quite a nasty drug, but there’s also a lot of myths about it. And in some parts of Australia where there isn’t access to other drugs, drug pushers are actually marketing ice quite strongly, particularly in regional towns.

For more information about ice, rather than me going on and on about it, which is rational, sensible, and gives you a good perspective and context for ice, I recommend you going to Cracks in the Ice. This is a programme that sets out to inform the community about ice, about its facts, and exploring some of the myths. Cracks in the Ice.