Health checks for indigenous people

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indigenous health checks

Every aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander person of any age can get a free health check done every year. It’s called an indigenous health check. It’s also known as as 715 health check.

The reason for the check is to see the doctor before anything goes wrong. It’s to assess your health and to see if there’s anything that can be done now to help you live a stronger and longer life. By having a check done today, you’ll be able to access other services like physiotherapy, podiatry, or a dietitian if that’s what you need. The check is designed to help you look after your health and to prevent long-term disease. The indigenous health check is a thorough review that involves a doctor and other health professionals such as nurses and aboriginal health workers.

They’ll talk to you about different areas of your life, and it’ll take around 45 minutes to an hour. What your team does during this check will depend on things like your age and gender. They’ll ask you questions, and you might have to get some tests done. They’ll check your overall health and will work out if you might need any other services that would help you improve your health and wellbeing. Your doctor will ask you information such as your medical history, and they’ll take notes.

They’ll also give you advice and information. They make a simple plan with things like any service that you may need and anything that your carer or parent should do to improve your health. This plan will be made with you and be made with your parent or carer. Your doctor might say you need some further tests or treatment, and they can give you a copy of your health report to you or your carer if you need one.

If you have GP, contact them to make an appointment. Tell the receptionist that you would like to have a 715 health check done, and you’ll need a longer appointment. If you belong to an aboriginal medical service, they’ll make sure that you get your health check done. The indigenous health check is here to help you get services you need to help you live a longer and stronger life.